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David Battino, the editor of O’Reilly Digital Audio, has posted a podcast conversation with me on the O’Reilly Digital Media Center. He did a great job editing our rambling conversation into something that makes sense.

Digital Media Insider Podcast 16: Cover Yourself (A Radical Approach to Copyright):

Open source enthusiast Lucas Gonze wanted to record cover songs and share them online. But copyright law and web spiders crushed that plan. Then he found a mother lode of free music on a government web site.

What I especially like about this is that it’s by far the best documentation on my cover song project.

One correction: David gives me credit for creating CC Mixter, when in reality it was Neeru Paharia, Mike Linksvayer, Victor Stone, Eric Steur, and myself.

For people visiting this blog as a result of David’s podcast, two posts that are good entry points are Ella Waltz 06032007 and guitar lessons as the transmission of culture.

Update 7/29: added Neeru Paharia to CC Mixter attributions

5 thoughts on ““Cover Yourself” podcast

  1. Fantastic interview. Everyone who cares about music, digital music, copyright, etc., should listen.

    At least a couple dozen people did more to create ccMixter than me, beginning with Neeru Paharia.


  • The future music label is… - Creative Commons

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