making a case for portable identifiers

One followup to my post on portable identifiers for songs using XSPF’s content resolution abilities happened on J. Herskowitz’ blog. I asked whether the problem in developing interoperability between music services is technical or economic. J’s answer was: I think it is both. Since there appears to be a need for ongoing resolver work to […]

kid gig 12/8

I’m playing at the Ocean Charter School Winter Faire tomorrow afternoon. The one time before that I played for kids was great at its best. The teens were too uptight and not a lot of fun, but the younger kids got up and moshed and were generally a stellar audience. Location: 12606 Culver Blvd, Culver […]

Kristin Hersh

From the “Downloads” section of Kristen Hersh’s web site: Every month, CASH Music brings you Kristin’s newest recordings in several formats including lossless audio. For each song, Kristin also provides lyric sheets and a “Works in Progress” demo version of each song. Kristin also offers her songs to the CASH community in “Read-Write” format — […]