MILA pattern

Patrick Woodward’s MILA project is an example of how musicians manage their presence on the web. There is a personal blog post about creating and managing the work at There is a page which is a hub for the work itself at There are a bunch of distribution points for getting the work […]

soup greens

It’s opening day for Soup Greens, a new blog oriented towards my musical life. The goals are: To improve viral uptake from live shows by giving people something to take away that can bring them back again. To make booking gigs easier by having a comprehensive resource to show to bookers. To get gigs as […]

a good sign for racial politics

In a comment on the racial politics post, Mike Linksvayer writes: The percentage of marriages in the US that are black/white has increased by something like a factor of three since 1970. See Interracial marriages are still a small fraction of the total, but growth shows no sign of abating. And indeed, is […]