zero maintenance always fresh

Musicians have to have a Myspace page. It’s not optional. And it has to be at least halfway decent, because people are going to look for you there. Getting booked means a lot of schmoozing with other musicians, schmoozing with musicians means friending a bunch of bands on Myspace, and friending means that people go to your page.

And you need other social network identies as well. The more social networks you can manage, the more distribution you’ll get and the more presence you’ll have.

You can’t do a decent job on a Myspace profile without steady maintenance. You can’t do a decent job on *any* network without steady maintenance.

So what’s a player to do? My solution on Myspace is to trim everything dynamic out of my profile. For comments, friend lists, and messaging I link to in-network pages that are generated by the server. For blog posts I link to off-network blogs that I own and can point to from other social networks as well. For music I embed a Flash player which uses a playlist that I can load from other social networks.

Check it out: the zero-maintenance but always fresh Myspace page.