The web is very interactive (constantly clicking around) compared with traditional audio and video mediums (click “play” one time, and then sit back for a while).

The massive mp3 library / iPod autoplay / web of music technology is a bit of a failure when it comes to helping people really engage in a focused music experience. The tech is about an abundance of choices, and that’s not always a good thing when it comes to listening to music.

So, I hope that song pages can work as a way to focus people more on one song at a time; and also help people hear and enjoy the connections between a handful of songs at a time. The “at a time” part is maybe more web time than linear time–but, it’s the difference between hearing Frog in a Well once and forgetting about it and hearing it once and remembering it, thinking about it, going back to hear it again, recognizing it in other tunes, playing the melody yourself sometime, etc.