I don’t want to deflate the importance of what’s happening now, but it’s hard for me not to see this kind of thing as having been not that uncommon since the late-70s. I think, even going back that far, recording musicians (guitarists in particular) have been into getting their work played in the “how to play” learning contexts.

My view may be skewed, having grown up in LA where a lot of top notch musicians were / are pretty plugged into the lessons scene. Musicians without other day jobs often plug into various instructional contexts as they’re day jobs between tours, etc.

But, the sophistication of today’s self-published and self-distributed works is a sea change, in the sense that individual musicians are creating a new kind of success in sharing music, e.g., as professionally published as the old publishers, but much cooler, more direct and practically integral to the music experience for those that themselves play.