bitching about sue em all for newbies

A comment by Victor Stone on the ‘Sue em all Awesome’ post:

Lawsuits have been SOP since at the least the 70’s when I noticed that, all of a sudden, every A&R guy had a law degree. Lawsuit insurance, at that time, was built into recording contracts (at the artist expense of course), replacing budgets for coke and ludes.

The Internet just exposed the ‘sue am all’ thing to everybody outside the industry, but they’ve been doing that all along.

My paraphrase: When the internet developers started working on music applications they were so green that they didn’t know the recording industry runs on lawsuits. It was to be expected for Napster to get the shit kicked out of them, and not just Napster, but the whole long line of tech-focused startups lining up to get knocked down.

The tech companies haven’t been tough enough to survive in the recording industry, in other words, and they have walked into one trap after another. They *keep* doing it, if skepticism over iMeem’s ability to survive its licensing deals is accurate.