“Facebook Joins MySpace In Banning Project Playlist”

Reblogging PaidContent: Facebook resisted a few days longer than MySpace but finally has given in to the RIAA’s demands that the Project Playlist app be removed for copyright violation. … The only surprise here is that it took Facebook this long to face up to reality: There was next to no upside for Mark Zuckerberg […]

Warner vs the internet

YouTube, like every content licensee, lives or dies on its ability to let negotiations fail. If it can’t pull out of a negotiation without obtaining rights, it can’t get sensible royalty rates. So in letting negotations with Warner get to the point where Warner pulled out, it did the right thing. But there’s a bit […]

why Myspace is giving Project Playlist the heave, and Facebook isn’t

TechCrunch reports that Myspace is giving Playlist.com the heave: We first got word from MySpace users that their Playlist widgets are simply vanishing from their MySpace profiles earlier today. When we contacted MySpace they confirmed the ban, noting that they have received infringement notices from “major music companies” The single most important part of the […]

$100 MM in streaming revenues for UMG

Greg Sandoval says “Universal Music seeing ‘tens of millions’ from YouTube”: a music industry source close to the label said Universal will likely book nearly $100 million in revenue from video streaming this year. That figure includes video-streaming money from all of the company’s partners, such as iMeem, MTV, and MySpace. The source said, however, […]