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Little Boots on stage

This is the official music video for the song “Ready for the Floor” by Hot Chip:

This cover version played on the Tenori-on has 100,407 views:

Greg describes the situation this way:

I came across the Tenori-on a while back because of Little Boots. She’s a YouTube phenom who use it and quite a strong voice to do excellent covers […]. It’s interesting how the game-nature of the tenori-on masks what is a relatively sophisticated beat programming and singing performance on her part.

More Little Boots:

Choice LB quote: fun is the new cool. Fuck if she isn’t right. Goddamn that’s a great way of articulating the YouTube esthetic.

A LB fan blog:

Let us bask in the glow of Little Boots.

Little Boots is from Blackpool, England.

[…] let’s assume she’s not hiding a debut album of dire, mid-paced, excitement-killing — quote-fingers! — mature songs, throwing it all away already.

Popjustice writes, “Little Boots is a totally bullet-proof 21st century popstar. This is Kylie and the Pet Shop Boys all in one person.”

Little Boots is, in other words, a single girl’s celebration of pop. Modern but not pretentious. Sophisticated but not snide. Fantastic in a bright, talented, left-field, sometimes ridiculous, and promisingly unique sort of way.

Little Boots wants us to believe that she will never let us down.

Little Boots can make pop a better place.

Little Boots says, “Fun Is The New Cool”.

100% fan-crush.