That said, part of why the VC idea stuck for me was because it fit with how the hypem relaunch felt. As a user, it felt like the site was pushing the actual getting and listening to music into the background. Being an avid reader of blogs, I’m with you on caring about the conversation. And being someone who’s made web apps on the internet, I deeply understand the legal pressures around not being seen to distribute the music. However, for most people the core of what they want from a music experience is to listen to the music. I know people who are avid music fans, but not as web-savvy who stopped using hype machine at the time of the redesign because their main use was to get and listen to tracks. These were people to whom I’d evangelized the site in the first place. The relaunch felt like a smart move towards the side of safety and away from user joy into the Dead Man’s Gulch that Lucas has been so accurately outlining lately.