At first glance seems like a cross between Freesound and CC Mixter.

This 100% free AIFF/WAV collection contains 5.5 GB of sounds — including 2,198 techno, hiphop, trance, and drum ‘n’ bass drum loops / breakbeats, 1,254 drum hits, 77 drum kits, 2,198 sound FX, 1,207 instrument sounds, 1,200 vocal samples, 1,047 melodic parts, fruity loops and more.

Their page on Creative Commons licensing:

The following pre-cleared music has been uploaded by artists at under a variety of Creative Commons licenses. Please be sure to read the licensing information for each track carefully before using any of this music. (Click the license ‘badge’ next to a track for details.) While all of this music can be downloaded, transmitted and shared for personal use, only some of this music can be used for free in films, TV commercials, video games, etc.

When in doubt, contact the artist. And if you do use one of these songs in your project, please tell the artist so that s/he knows the work is getting ‘out there’!

But about the music? Is it any good? Well, here’s a hip hop number from there that’s right in the pocket from this forum post. (Here’s more good stuff by this guy, who’s a Quebecois).