internet vs economy?

I wonder whether the internet is contributing to the economic collapse by automating more and more people out of work. From a blog about real estate in my area: With online tools like Zillow, Redfin, Property Shark, Dataquick, Melissa Data, Realty Trac, Foreclosure Radar and now, Los Angeles Blockshopper, access to coveted “Realtor” information is […]


Per Hypebot, terrestrial broadcasters have gotten a big rate reduction on webcasting, while web-only casters have no deal at all. I assume this is because terrestrial radio has a big bargaining chip in that record labels want terrestrial radio to pay more royalties. rates for simulcasts or web channels operated by local radio stations are […]

the web talking portal

Blogarithms » Open to the Public: The day is finally here. No more excuses. No more alpha or beta. It’s time to open the doors. is ready for prime time and ready for you. If you’re a regular reader of Blogarithms, you’re probably tired of hearing about, but if you’re a newcomer, […]

meta day

Lately I’ve been feeling that the world is too interesting to just blog about it. I want to be _in_ it. And anyhow an accurate description of things would be a straight reprinting of the state of the web on the day I was writing.

distributed creativity and networked musicians

ccMixter: A Memoir: When we started the ccMixter project, it was obvious that liberally licensed source material would provide musicians a way to interact that was simply prohibited by an All Rights Reserved model. For all the benefits of participating in the sharing economy that has been touted by free culture advocates, including myself, the […]