about Playdar

Playdar – About: Playdar is designed to solve one problem: given the name of a track, find me a way to listen to it right now. It will search your local disk (iTunes library, MP3 folder etc.), it will search your home or office network (kinda like searchable iTunes shared libraries) and it will search […]

mullet head file sharer

Bruce Warilla posted this narsty masterpiece: I question his premise that filesharing is going down, but I agree that amassing big collections of files isn’t a permanent thing. It’s a pain in the ass to have all these files, you’re better off leaving them out in the cloud and snarfing them as the need arises. […]

not buying stuff you can’t pay for is good

Streaming Radio: Last.fm Silences Third-Party Mobile Apps: Hot off an announcement that they’d be charging for radio access outside the US, UK and Germany, Last.fm has said that all non-official mobile clients will be banned. This isn’t going over well. The spoiled-child POV is that this sux because they’re dix! But really this is nothing […]