mainstreaming electronica

Masterbeat bridges the electronic music gap: Masterbeat's goals are noble: they hope to bridge the gap between the underground and mainstream dance music audiences by offering accessible electronic music that a large audience can enjoy. Their hope is that if enough mainstream music listeners are introduced to good dance music via Masterbeat's techno remixes of […]

undermined by regulations designed around past industries

Jay Fienberg on what to do about it: It is, I think, a similar formula as what needs to apply to other “homegrown” industries. For example, organic health foods, green building materials, hand-made goods (e.g., Etsy). All of those areas have been undermined and/or currently are undermined by regulations designed around past industries. Altogether, it’s […]

what to do about it

Assume that the internet has music in a mess. What can be done about it? Step one: identify musicians who are finding ways to thrive in the new conditions. For example, DJs make recordings to promote their live performances. They earn a living on performances, not recordings, and so are usually at ease with gratis […]


With Shelf Space Receding, EMI Eyes Grocery Stores EMI has announced a couple ventures that will get their artists into your neighborhood grocery and convenient stores, places where few musicians have set up shop before. No, we’re not looking at more artist-branded Fritos in the snack aisle or small music selections at the check-out as […]

payola vs advertising

Question: how is payola for inclusion in a webcast different than any other in-stream ad? Some potential answers: A full song is longer than a 30 second ad spot, so the rate should be quite a lot higher. It’s a beautifully targeted bit of marketing. It’s stealthy and deceptive if the payola is a secret.

is it 3.0 yet?

In a blog post by Albert Wenger entitled A Coming Paradigm Shift in (Online) Music?, he asks what spurs “runs” of new ideas in science, and identifies advances in technology as one contributor. When these advances happen “new observations can be made which in some cases don’t fit with the existing scientific paradigm, ultimately shattering […]