he could play

Michael Jackson was a real musician. He had talent out the ass. Amazing time, tone, phrasing, energy, and style, not to mention pitch, range, projection, and every other musical gift that a pop singer needs or wants. He personified big budget mega stars. The musical world that he dominated so utterly was disappearing before his […]

the new shiny disc

Jay Fienberg of HereJam: The web page is the new shiny disc the new release is (going to be) all about how the music appears on / across the web. The files and discs are almost irrelevant—definitely secondary. They do need to exist, but, really, once they are published, anyone can get them anywhere. But, […]

Echo Nest API

The Echo Nest web music API is fairly awe inspiring. For example, they have a web service to detect the sections of a song — bridge, chorus, etc. — given only an MP3. What it amounts to is a bot capable of doing semantic analysis of a sound file. One thing you could do with […]

grooveshark #2

One of the grooveshark folks stopped in at the comments on my post about their not giving attribution to link sources to say that this makes no sense because they don’t link out at all. They’re not a search engine like Seeqpod, they’re a hosting site like YouTube and (originally) iMeem. I can only cop […]

groove shark

Groove Shark is a search engine, yeah, in that it indexes free range MP3s and helps searchers get to them. But it never exposes the remote URLs, much less the originating web page. As far as a searcher is concerned the MP3 is hosted by groove shark. When somebody hosts an MP3 they almost always […]

It has always been media apocalypse. It will always be media apocalypse.

Greg Borenstein in the conversation about the apocalypse of the media industries: The future composts the past. Someone said that once. Things don’t just go away, they get re-purposed and recycled with new cultural uses. How long ago did TV kill radio? There was a time when families would gather round the crystal set for […]