corporatism in music

The way we think about music has been profoundly influenced by the needs of corporations. A lot of what we conceive as “best” is distinguished by ability to survive in a corporate environment. Radio-friendly songs are ones that sound good between ads. Writing new songs may not provide material as compelling as using public domain […]

WRT armageddon WRT armageddon Britain’s music industry as a whole grew by nearly 5 per cent last year, according to independent research published yesterday. PRS for Music, the body that collects royalty payments and distributes them to artists and composers, said that the overall size of the UK music industry had risen by 4.7 per cent […]

metering ideas

What’s up with all the pay-to-play music products (except Lala) using the same approaches to drawing up the bill? Why not innovate on metering methods? capacity based Every time you download, you get charged. And a download can’t be revoked. So it’s like the iTunes music store and Amazon in that way. But you can […]


Godfather Robert Scoble hereby anoints a new buzz favorite: Soundcloud. I really dig Soundcloud. They have great product discipline and stellar chops at making software. But I worry about the buzz among techies, because it is such a stupid and brutish force. For example, Scoble describes Soundcloud this way: What is SoundCloud? A way to […]

“Spotify and YouTube lead the way as habits change”

The Guardian: Collapse in illegal sharing and boom in streaming brings music to executives’ ears Even though users of streaming services are not necessarily buying more music, the industry benefits by learning more about fans’ tastes. Steve Purdham, CEO and founder of We7, a music streaming service and download store, said: “They may not buy […]


I don’t really understand the Universal Music deal with TuneCore, but that’s probably because I don’t know much about the nuts and bolts of the record business. But maybe the value is in establishing a relationship, with an eye towards acquisition in the long run. Think back to Yahoo! getting a chance to buy Google…