MAFF day

The conversation about content packaging technologies turned towards the Firefox MAFF format: MAFF files are standard ZIP files containing one or more web pages, images, or other downloadable content. Additional information, like the orirginal page address, is saved along with the content; this metadata allows the browser to open these files intelligently. …so Paolo, the […]

subs #2

Aram points out that my math on subs was off: 25mm subs x $10/month is actually $3b per year, not $250mm. Which is a pretty nice chunk o’ change. And 100mm people at $20/month (which I believe is an unfeasible price) would actually deliver $24B in annual revenues. What I did wrong was that I […]

subscriptions vs sheets

Spotify spotify spotify! So much buzz. Buzz buzz buzzzzz. It’s just not that big a business. It is a real business, yes. Subscription on-demand services are really useful for people who care about music and have disposable income, especially if the subscription can be used on a portable device. But for people who don’t care […]

app store vs HTML 5

So let’s say you’re shipping a non-iPhone mobile internet computer. It’s Android, Palm Pre, Kindle, something along those lines. And you need to compete with Apple’s app store. Do you: 1) Make your own little app store, in full knowledge that merchandise will be rare and shoddy? 2) Implement HTML 5 with local storage, great […]