Image Kindleizer

Officially speaking, you can’t view an image on a Kindle without enclosing it in a Mobipocket ebook. But there is an undocumented workaround. Sheet music is usually in static formats like GIF or PDF, so the workaround makes it easier to use legacy sheet music on a Kindle. So here is a script to automatically […]

Myspace II

Apparently the new Myspace is a music business, not a social business. I remember not so long ago when Imeem decided it was a social network enhanced by music rather than the reverse, I assume because the social features had a better chance of being profitable. I remember not so long ago when Myspace’s edge […]

MAFF snafu

Crazy Alex reports that the Firefox MAFF format does _not_ support indexing into remote jar files using the “jar” scheme, so a URL like jar:!/index.html won’t work: I tried to use jar: prefix, but with no success. Firefox geves download dialog or writes an error stating ”Unsafe File Type. The page you are trying to […]

music subscriptions

Correction: thanks to Larry Kenswil for pointing out that I needed to multiply monthly charges by 12 to get annual revenues, which resets the numbers by an order of magnitude. My entire train of thought just doesn’t apply at that point, so I have marked everything below as deleted. If you want to explore the […]

proposed implementations of neutral but legal

A comment from Len Lynch on how ‘neutral but legal’ might be implemented: There is contextual data that can help point toward “possible” (cough, “probable”) infringing content distribution. is an example. But I doubt if it is the “tip of the iceberg”. When non-infringing content distribution deals turn toward torrents to save on network […]