pop is fashion

Conversation about the rumored demise of casual fandom: Piers Hollot: PBS programming is not intended for live performance, but they do go live for the purpose of fund-raising, and it is at this point that they flush out the “super-fans” with premiums. Crosbie Fitch: [musical] populism is simply in a lull. As per Arnie, it’ll […]

MAFF standardization project bootstraps

Work on the MAFF format as a standard for multi-file archives is underway. Announcement: http://maf.mozdev.org/maff-specification.html Home page: http://maf.mozdev.org/maff-specification.html (This is the best overview IMO). Mailing list: https://www.mozdev.org/mailman/listinfo/maf MAFF files are standard ZIP files containing one or more web pages, images, or other downloadable content, with optional metadata. This open format was first adopted as a […]

Playdar pitch 0.1

This blog entry is work in progress on explaining Playdar. It’s not yet clear enough to be turned into an elevator pitch. In particular the third point needs to be broken out into separate points about convenience and quality. Playdar is special because it is scalable, cheap, and uncoupled. It is scalable because it is […]