Got a better word than “unbundling”?

I’m working on a pitch to explain the point that Playdar “unbundles” MP3 sources from discovery and management. The important thing is the benefit of unbundling, not that there is a mechanism called “unbundling.” That just sounds like a buzzword.

What it means that getting MP3s and other music media is distinct from referencing them, so that you use one tool for getting and another for playing or organizing.

The main benefit is the ability to use the best tool for the job. You should be able to have the best music player *and* the best source of music even if they aren’t from the same vendor.

The other benefit is convenience, in that people who prefer different music sources can share links to songs.

Ideas on how to express this in a more terse form? I’m looking for an elevator pitch — ten words at the most, one word at best.