MOGging out

I’m happy to say that I’m working at MOG now. The place has a scrappy startup style but is stable and well managed. They bring their hearts to the product. They’ve survived remarkably long in the brutal internet music business. My title is product manager. I’ll keep what I’m working on confidential in the short […]

PaySwarm w/ Playdar

The Streaming Content Payment use case for PaySwarm encompasses the same multi-vendor music provider environment as Playdar: Tellulah is a DJ and would like to setup a non-profit Internet radio station to stream Weekly Top 40 songs along with a mix of independent music. She would like to cover her expenses as well as the […]

paying sideways

Jay Fienberg thoughts on payment protocols: The “web” answer is more in the client / user agent than in the cloud. Generally, payment mechanism on the web rely on someone being registered with a service, and then authenticated for each transaction. That service handles a bunch of stuff that has to do with banking, and […]

payment protocols

I have payment protocols for the open web on the brain and ran across a protocol based on texting: Paypal’s Text To Give system. Text the donation code to the number shown. We’ll call or text you back to confirm the donation. Here’s another one, this time specialized for tickets: txt2buy. To buy a ticket; […]

HTML5 iPhone game

Peter Robinett shows you the HTML5 money: There are actually several alternate app download mechanisms for the iPhone platform, from the installers of the jailbreaking scene (Cydia, Installer, etc) to PhoneGap apps that simply display a list of web apps to websites that are simple landing pages. Given that the iPhone platform supports local web […]