MOGging out

I’m happy to say that I’m working at MOG now.

The place has a scrappy startup style but is stable and well managed. They bring their hearts to the product. They’ve survived remarkably long in the brutal internet music business.

My title is product manager. I’ll keep what I’m working on confidential in the short term, but not for long.

I have to say a little bit about the subscription business. Just a little, but something.

I think subscriptions are a worthwhile thing to work on. The internet music industry is full of smoke and mirrors, and subscriptions are not that. Yes subscription companies often make lame software, but they don’t have to. Subscriptions to an on-demand stream service can be fun, useful, usable, awesome.

I don’t think everybody in the world is going to get a subscription, and I don’t think subscription companies need that big a market to be healthy businesses. I don’t think the fate of the music business rests on the shoulders of the subscription music companies.

All these companies have to do is please their customers and earn profits for their shareholders, and I think MOG has the chops to pull it off.

I’ll be moving to San Fran for the job. I’ll miss my friends in LA and lots of things about the city. I don’t like moving. But the bay area is the real homeland for web developers, even ones like me that specialize in music.