piers & bob on playlists

gurdonark on playlists: so much of music corporate culture depends on the water-cooler-sharing experience of mobs of buyers. what if music were shared one track at a time, among small groups, even in little parlor settings? i personally never want to listen to anyone’s playlist, but i love to get a single song to hear. […]

The Orchard

Check out this snippet of a Techcrunch story on The Orchard going private: The Orchard has yet to file an annual report for last year, but for the first nine months of 2009,it has lost $17.5 million on revenues of $45.5 million. The Orchard specializes in digital distribution. The fact that it cannot make any […]


Venue.fm assembles a playlist of bands coming to clubs in your area, then correlates each play with concert info. The net effect is to let you use your ears to browse the concert listings. Really tight product focus. It does one thing well. You get the concept right away and the software delivers on the […]

war on iPr0n

victor on Apple’s war on porn on the iPhone: I’ve been thinking about how the iPhone is one of the few (only?) media technology deliver systems that did NOT use porn as a catalyst. Porn is tasteless, style-less, demeaning (basically the Church of Apple anti-christ) – but porn is a serious technology innovator. I know […]

gettin’ married

I am awed and inspired to say that Karen Agresti accepted my proposal of marriage, which involved the songs “Ring of Fire”, “Ring My Bell,” “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”, a jar of herring, a can of Pringles, a spring, a key ring, an onion and an engagement ring on a plate. The […]

mog hiring for rad dev

MOG is hiring a senior developer in our Berkeley office to implement our music service on devices like Boxee, Roku, Vudu, Sonos, etc. It’s cutting edge technology, and we need somebody with the experience to go where few have gone before. Daily activities include: Working with partner(s) technical teams to gain clarity around services, SDKs, […]