quinthar edition

David Barret responds to my Sue Em All Solved post, in which I say that the Sue Em All campaign is *succeeding*: Are you sure it’s working out well? All the troubles of TPB amount to little more than a couple slight dips — from enormous piracy to slightly less enormous piracy. TPB is still […]


Peter Van Dijck sez: I want apps on my tv. But the UI has to be TV-UI, leanback. They should build some kind of html5 television UX standards that I could then easily build apps on. The TV UI would be quite different from the regular web UI. The Kylo browser for televisions is a […]

Sue Em All solved

Given years of smug certainty among techies that sue-em-all was a mistake, how come suing em all seems to be working out pretty well? suing consumers didn’t work, but suing businesses did. Unlicensed companies have been forced out of business or forced to license. Those which do license come out with new products, and consumers […]


The biggest reason why TVs don’t run the real web is that the necessary hardware is too expensive for the razor-thin margins in consumer electronics. For GoogleTV to succeed it must convince consumers to pay a price for TVs that can support a PC inside. A PC *alone* is at least a couple hundred bucks. […]