Our television came with limited apps for youtube and amazon direct-movie-rental. I’d be delighted it if offered a set of apps with a broader movie/tv/concert rental channel, youtube, hulu, twitter, vimeo, blip.tv, and
perhaps an open source/indie channel.

I don’t think that the immediate future is a personal computer embedded in the TV, though I think that’s coming. I think the immediate future is in a great device that will, in the miracle ways of radio shack in the old days, hook a cheap computer into one’s TV seamlessly so that one can just pick up a keyboard and use the TV as a monitor to get this other content. The technology is completely in place already–a TB hard drive loaded with half a TB of content, a keyboard hitched wirelessly to work with the computer through the device, the wires for easy plug n play, and not much else. As it stands now, anyone could hook their PC or mac into their TV, but the basic radio-shack-obstacles make it a hassle. But it should be easy and seamless and come in a simple 100 dollar product.