Add value or die

Internet music companies like Pandora, Spotify and create some but not all of the value they offer to users. The rest is created by the musicians and labels. Some of the revenues coming into the internet company flow back to the musicians and labels. Some stays with the internet company. The internet company is […]


I really enjoy blogging. I wonder why I don’t do it more often? /me scratches chin. The problem is that I can’t speak freely when my views are associated with my company. So why am I blogging now? Because I am no longer working the straight job at MOG. Due to reasons having nothing to […]

the transformative power of “save as”

Archiving Is The New Folk Art: From the moment we used the “save as” command when composing electronic documents, our archival impulses began. “Save as” is a command that implies replication; and replication requires more complex archival considerations: where do I store the copy? Where is the original saved? What is the relationship between the […]