About an hour ago, i just took down my blog. I had not written in a few months and a WP update broke some things so out of disgust I took it down. Blogging is tough. I’m not that narcissistic but it feels good to sometimes just express an idea or response to some topic. But too often it feels like a soapbox in an echo chamber. Why bother? Make a name for yourself? Bleh. It’s not just blogging but I am also having a hard time using Twitter after 4+ years. Meh.

But inevitably, i’ll change my tune at a later date…. and output stuff. again.

It’s tough fighting the good fight of DIY blogging. With everyone taking it easy social platforms.

What I think I need to do is amp up rich media blogging. Quickly intermix media fragments packaged together and highly accessible cross-platform. Time to level-up self-expression. But the landscape still still still does not make it easy… with Apple minus Flash and HTML5 inconsistencies etc etc.

Case in point…. say you want to take a photo, voice record a few thoughts and share it so that it just works seamlessly no matter the device. Can we? Crazy.

Blog on, Lucas. Always enjoy seeing your feed bold with updates ;-)