I enjoy reading both of your weblogs. Each gives me lots of ideas and amusement. I’m starting to leave behind the “to be or not to be” thing about weblogs, because to me it’s a bit like pondering a legal-sized pad or a rollerball pen. A weblog is one of many ways to express ideas–and it’s easier to draw letters with than an etch-a-sketch. As with tweets, I think it’s a mistake to confuse the advantages of interconnection with the particular tool. It’s like putting the typeface over the content of a novel.

Sorry to hear about the MOG thing, though your time there served the salutary purpose of getting me to try subscription music. I believe that
this excursion into conceptual rental of the right to on-demand sound has proven to be a wonderful experiment. I’ll probably keep a subscription with some company or other from here on out.

Parenthetically, the experience makes me believe that the Free Music Archive is partway to the right idea–i.e., a streaming free service with a large catalog. But only part-way; the rest of the way is a massive on-demand stream of netlabel works. This could conquer the moon. I love the free music archive, despite its less than conquestual contextual approach.

I hope you earn lots of money in independent ways. It’s not that I am all anti-corporate—my views are a lot more nuanced than that. It’s that
it’s fun to be your own boss–and to run your own weblog.