pocket change

You’re paying for a purchase with cash and the amount is not a whole number like $1 but a decimal number like $.01. How can you minimize the number of coins in your pocket after the transaction? If you hand over $1 you’ll get back three quarters, two dimes, and four pennies, for a score […]

the present is prelude

No on-demand streaming subscription service has enough customers to matter to the labels. The labels would starve if they had to live on the revenues. So the existing services all had to accept the deals they could get without any real leverage, and these came with brutal – barely survivable – terms. Once some service […]


Hype Machine has a cool new project out – “Fast Forward.” It’s a riff on Shuffler.fm. Part of the fun of Shuffler is the explosion of visual design as you go from site to site. FF keeps that going, but overlays its own graphics on the source page in a way that’s sexy as hell. […]