hilo codec

I don’t know if the world really needs higher fidelity audio. I doubt it. But it would be useful to be able to choose a version of a file that was mastered to match your listening gear. One version might be mastered for the classic low end white earbuds that come with an iPod. The […]

ecosystem growing around takedowns at scale

From 1709 Blog: It seems almost the natural ecosystem response to the likes of the Megaupload reward program (Black hats outsource/crowdsource the provision of links to their content to specialists for cash –> white hats outsource/automate the following of such links and the serving of take-down notices to a countering cottage industry for cash) The […]

caption status

I emailed Sylvia Pfeiffer about the implementation status of WebVTT. When can developers use it, if not immediately? She replied that there is support (probably incomplete) in the IE10 developer build, work is underway in WebKit, and Opera’s status is unknown. She recommended that web developers who need captions right away should use a polyfill […]

towards it

Bruce Warila wrote: Reading comments around the Internet, a common theme from legal types is that “DMCA takedown” is an adequate (legal) mechanism. Up until this morning, this generated a “huh?” response in my head. After retreating from Starbucks, it occurred to me that DMCA takedown could be just fine if automated-monitoring-and-DMCA-takedown machinery existed, then […]

When it comes to infringement control, there aren’t many competing visions. One vision is to kill the internet. Another vision is to kill the incumbent media business. Another is to reinvent the media industry around tax revenues. SOPA, Pirate Bay, deus ex machina. Here is my vision: allow private law to flourish. Enforce contracts. Introduce […]

a practical system for regulating infringement

DMCA notice and takedown is basically an excellent system for administering a global-scale internet music infrastructure. There are just two problems, and both can be handled as incremental improvements. One is fraudulent takedown requests. There are no meaningful barriers to requesting that something not infringing be taken down. This allows incumbents to do a denial […]