open source hardware for dance music made in China by westerners

Jon Phillips and Wolfgang Spraul are doing hardware hacking on dance music devices. They’re both westerners living in China. One project is Milkymist: It’s easy to create an entertaining video installation with the Milkymist One. No computer needed – everything is included in a small device that has it all. Connect a camera and a […]

Muve is the model

From the marketing brochure page at Muve Music from Cricket is a game changer for everyone. By tightly integrating the music service into the handset and the billing plan everyone in the value chain benefits and consumers have a complete music service where the phone is the hub not the PC. And Muve is […]


You may know this already, but Beats is basically the music recording industry moving into the music hardware business. It’s a similar strategy to 360 deals: abandon ship. Key people at Universal Music Group saw that the money was in iPods, not MP3 files. The label people see the same writing on the wall as […]

Information design and “I’m Gonna Start a Graveyard of My Own”

When you have a song cheat sheet with chords and words (and maybe notes) on it, how come it’s always black and white? Well, because color printing is more expensive, obviously, but also because the value of color is underestimated. I wrote up a cheat sheet for a song the band was going to learn […]