PHP awesome

Coding Horror rips PHP a new one: The great crime of PHP is its utter banality. The problem is that banality isn’t a crime, it’s a virtue. Banality is predictability. Predictability is ease of understanding. PHP is a good tool because it’s easy to visualize what your program is doing. Transparency is important for a […]

I am a Hangouts fan

I really like Google+ Hangouts as a replacement for phone calls. There are a lot of drawbacks but overall they are much better than any alternative. Better than Skype: You can easily set up a video conference call. Skype makes this hard because they want to charge you, and the payment process is too slow […]

Lawyer demands $20,000, so webcomic raises $100,000 from the Internet | Ars Technica

From Ars Technica: For creators, especially independent ones, the DMCA takedown process is almost impossible to turn into a useful tool. But for user-generated content sites, policing uploads for copyright infringement is a hugely difficult challenge, and they are routinely accused of turning a blind eye to piracy when they can’t solve the problem themselves. […]