Mark Boas on hyperaudio: Hyperaudio is a series of technologies built upon the foundations of HTML5 audio which aim to make audio a first class citizen of the web. In particular, but not exclusively, we are concerned with the spoken word. What Hyperaudio hopes to achieve: make audio searchable make audio linkable make audio navigable […]

negative SEO

Shoemoney.com: When news hit that Google would begin taking the number of DMCAs a website receives into its ranking algorithm, there was a definite split among SEOs about whether it was a smart move or not. On the one hand, it would negatively impact scraper sites or websites that have lifted content from one of […]

Sue American

The American DMCA defined the global rulebook for safe harbor. Europe, Canada, and Oceania have rough parity with the DMCA. Except that in the US, you have to register an agent with the government. Outside the US a site just needs to post contact info on its web site. Inside the US a site needs […]