The payment processing company Stripe is forwarding cease and desists to Chilling Effects. We’re partnering with Chilling Effects. Developed at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Chilling Effects is run by the EFF and law clinics at Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, and other universities across the country. Chilling Effects tracks the use of cease-and-desist notices […]

Dated URIs

Sometimes you need globally unique identifiers, such as for ISRCs. One way to approach this is by using URIs – the uniqueness of the domain part of URIs is administered by ICANN, the uniqueness of the rest of the URI is administered by the owner of the domain. There’s a good balance between centralization and […]


NoPassword: Most web sites ask for a password when you register. After logging in, you can access the site until your session expires. When you forget your password, you can request an email with a link to a password change form. NoPassword factors out the password from this process. You register with an email address […]

screens vs pages

Screens are everywhere, Pages are dead: 25 percent of YouTube videos are being watched on mobile devices and the number is accelerating rapidly. In some markets, like Korea, that figure is already at 50 percent. Rajaraman attributes this rise to everything from larger screen sizes, more 3G and 4G networks, and consumers turning to tablets […]

One of the best business books I ever read is Biz-Op: How to Get Rich With “Business Opportunity” Frauds and Scams. Not because I learned how to get into the biz opp business, but because I learned how to recognize the scam in its many forms. The leverage for biz op scams is unrealistic ambition. […]