Fun in dark corners

I happen to have found a portal for the darker corners of the net: domains in the back pages of the Google transparency report. (Here’s page 357). Here are some of the fascinating goblins I have found there. is Free Serial Numbers, Download Keygen Keys, Free Crack Downloads. I guess what you do here […]

Wasp Hounds In the Wasp Hound odor detector, the mechanical element is a video camera and the biological element is five parasitic wasps who have been conditioned to swarm in response to the presence of a specific chemical.

IR ink

You can buy an infrared ink pen for $18.43. To see the writing use your smartphone as an IR camera, which will reveal IR signals. On an iPhone 4 you can do that by using the front-facing camera. Proposed uses, from the vendor of this pen, for IR ink: Marking items or bags that can […]

DMCA flow chart

DMCA process flowchart from Nexcess: The average person possesses an incomplete or even total lack of understanding in what typically happens when claims of online copyright infringement are made in the United States. As a web hosting provider, we see no shortage of DMCA notices for content appearing on our clients’ sites. With this in […]

futurism of music

Looking back at our time 200 years from now, they won’t think how primitive the guitars were, they’ll think how primitive the guitarists were. The players will all be monsters who routinely do what only our virtuosos can. Not that virtuosity is worth all that much. Just that it’s a practical problem.

LilyPond – ly2video (alfa): English Suite I: Bourree I (J. S. Bach) ly2video is a nice hack which generates a video from sheet music. The video shows the sheet music on a single unbroken line, with continuous horizontal scrolling from beginning to end, and with a cursor moving to show the currently playing note. The […]

checking out Cloudplay

Cloudplay aggregates no-royalty + no-lawsuit music sources. Which is a twist on “free and legal.” It’s “free, legal, no strings attached.” Attached to the company, that is. Cloudplay isn’t accumulating bills. The pattern with music products like this is that they struggle with finding a critical mass of users, but if they do get users […]