The YAGNI non-license

I appreciate the punk rock implications of “POSS (Post Open Source Software).” (Back story: @monkchips, Luis Villa and my previous post). But it’s not just punk rock, it’s also an accepted engineering strategy. “You aren’t gonna need it” (acronym: YAGNI)[3] is a principle of extreme programming (XP) that states a programmer should not add functionality […]

Liberating JSTOR

Any researcher affiliated with a big institution already had access to the articles in JSTOR. It’s the independent researchers who have been locked out. Personally I have followed a trail of searching up to the locked door at JSTOR many times. It always disgusted me. People doing research for its own sake are doing something […]

What changed?

Ian’s getting back into the on-demand streaming business. So here’s the interesting question. When he took over Yahoo music, Yahoo’s on-demand streaming business went away. Now he’s going there again. So what’s different? He might feel that Yahoo’s service was too far ahead of the market, and the market has now caught up. He might […]