The Rules

As a musician I live by Lefsetz’ creative rules, more or less. Which are: Be real. No lying. No pretending to be someone you’re not. Fully inhabit the art. Commit fully to the quality of the music Be patient for success You’re not in it for success, you’re in it for music. But there are […]


Lefsetz is wrong about the music business all the time. Often. Frequently. Usually. All those things he says about what musicians need to do are more or less made up. What’s true is that he applies them to his writing. Like here: What you’ve got to understand is Amanda Palmer is a special person. And […]

Billboard on Google subscription streaming service: Under current plans, which could change as Google firms up its strategy, the Mountain View, Calif., technology giant will offer an ad-free subscription tier for YouTube viewers. In addition, it would offer another service from its Google Play platform, which currently sells song downloads similar to Apple’s iTunes and […]


Fortune: YouTube music streaming service launching this year: We’ve been hearing rumblings about Google’s plans for a Spotify-killer for what seems like forever now. More recently, there’s been word that the company’s YouTube brand is also getting set set to enter the space, albeit with some overlap from a Google-branded effort. *Fortune* spoke to some […]