Three 80/20 rules for music streaming

Most streaming listeners will not subscribe, now or ever. The 80/20 rule is that the 80% will never subscribe. Most streaming listeners prefer minimal engagement. Having to engage is a problem. Non-interactive apps like Pandora provide more value than interactive ones like Spotify. The 80/20 rule is that 80% prefer passive options. Out of the […]

I want to be wrong about music podcasts

There’s no path to legalization for (most) music in podcasts. A podcast breaks every rule legalizing music in webcasts. A song in a podcast is entirely interactive, skippable, replayable, seekable, playlistable, saveable. Labels and  bands have their hands full. Figuring out how to legalize (most) music in podcasts would be a lot of work, money, […]

AR music today

Something like Google Glass would be great for Pokemon Go. They should rebrand as Pokemon Glass. MusicAlly profiled prior art for music AR, an app called Landmrk. Landmrk framed this as a promotional campaign for a couple different album releases, creating visibility by motivating fans to engage with new releases. “When someone enters one of […]

Deezer, Spotify

An end game for Spotify is to gain enough market power to get better deals from rights holders. Critical mass of subscribers would create leverage. The more competitors they have, the more fragmented the market, the more labels can play subscriptions services off one another. Deezer just entered the American market. Update: Quora conversation on […]