why Myspace is giving Project Playlist the heave, and Facebook isn’t

TechCrunch reports that Myspace is giving Playlist.com the heave: We first got word from MySpace users that their Playlist widgets are simply vanishing from their MySpace profiles earlier today. When we contacted MySpace they confirmed the ban, noting that they have received infringement notices from “major music companies” The single most important part of the […]

Amazon MP3 #3

I got a viral email about free Christmas MP3s on Amazon this morning. They’re doing a giveaway song every day, cheesy things but free is free so I clicked through to the promotion. The song didn’t impress me enough to bother downloading, but while I was looking at the page I realized that their recommendation […]

postapocalyptic visions of the record industry

From the comments on sue em all not good for labels, here’s Greg on the prospects for the music industry: It’s kind of like Dr. Bloodmoney or one of the other good Phil Dick post-apocalyptic novels: most of civilization may have been destroyed, but some industrious tinkerer out there can probably put together a wood-burning […]

“Sue em all” Awesome

Techies frequently rag on the RIAA “sue em all” campaign, saying that it hasn’t worked and never will. They’re wrong. As an example of someone saying Sue Em All is not working, this sober analysis by professional economists describes the situation this way: A catch-all phrase covering letter writing, bandwidth throttling and legal action against […]

slot music

the listenerd on the Slot Music plan: this nearly universally maligned plan is to sell albums not as CDs or MP3s, but on SD memory cards. The idea may well not be a good one at all, however, the attitude and authority with which so many people claim to know the music business and what’s […]