content resolver

Boffin is a content resolver for XSPF playlists which uses local files. Very cool. This app is still raw, and I ain’t saying it’s going to take over the world or nothing. But this seems like the time to point out that the XSPF architectural principle of separating specific files from song references has turned […]

Spirit rappings

August 20, 1852, Wednesday Page 2 of the New York Times, 695 words Mr. ORVILLE HATCH, of Franklin, Conn., has become insane, he having devoted considerable attention to the subject of Spirit Rappings. Mr. HATCH is a farmer, and has been instrumental in introducing many important improvements in agriculture into the town in which he […]

William Litten song

This post is a recording of a fast and furious guitar performance of a fiddle tune called “Kiss My Lady” which was transcribed in 1800 (or so) by a ship’s musician named William Litten. Musically I wanted something energetic and raw. I didn’t care about mistakes except if they were bad enough to really mar […]

licensed lessons site

There is a licensed provider of guitar lessons: On a new Web site, fans of Brit-pop band Blur or Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter KT Tunstall can learn how to play some of their favorite songs on guitar, bass or drums — from the artists themselves. The site,, lets users download video tutorials for songs from a […]

Download This: YouTube Phenom Has a Big Secret –

Download This: YouTube Phenom Has a Big Secret – Once the album was completed late last year, Ms. Digby and her label began looking for ways to gain visibility. “I was coming out of nowhere,” Ms. Digby says. “I wanted to find a way to get some exposure.” That’s when the idea of posting […]

Old tunes, new opportunities « Jon Udell

Old tunes, new opportunities « Jon Udell As I watched and listened to all those different versions of The Tennessee Waltz, I couldn’t help but wonder what might happen if that dynamic were applied to out-of-copyright tunes. Can more of the old tunes be reborn? If so, will our new ability to share, teach, and […]