monome as turntable

The glitch musician Bit Basic, who made the excellent Grating Rainbows netalbum on Monotonik, has created a… Max/MSP patch for the ‘monome’ interface called ‘dj64’. It allows the user to model the actions of conventional turntables dj64 for Monome – by Bitbasic from simon on Vimeo. Thinking about the monome in terms of the convergence […]

Videos of a couple more convergence game-instrument hybrid combo thingamawhatzits, pointed out to me by Anselm Hook — The Tenori-on vibes like a Game Boy or other handheld game console: Jazzmutant lemur is based on Ableton and Reason:

gamestrument #2

sull posts a screencast of his session with the innerpartysystem gamestrument, in which he gets high score. Question: how would you do “high score”? Couldn’t you have ratings on these things to enable that? Question: is it possible to have really different expressions in a gamestrument, or is the expressive range more limited than that? […]

birth of the gamestrument

Embed: No embed: That is fucking wondrous. First of all, the impact of in-browser-music-making is not trivial or obvious. You can’t be blase about it. But beyond that, what’s striking about this particular hack is how high-level it is. It pulls the end user up several levels from decisions like the selection of video […]