Spotify Lowers Music Price with Family Plan, Apple Wants Cuts Too | Re/code

Apple has been pushing the labels for more extensive price cuts. It wants to relaunch the Beats Music subscription service it bought last spring next year, and industry scuttlebutt is that it’s trying to get the price cut in half, to $5 a month.

The logic of Apple’s argument, relayed by people who’ve heard the pitch secondhand: Apple’s best iTunes buyers spend about $60 a year on downloaded music — $5 a month. So if subscription services dropped that low, any download buyers that switched over to the streaming model would generate just as much revenue for the music labels. And, more important, the market of potential subscribers would get much larger.

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The secondary market for Soylent on Craigslist and Ebay | Motherboard

This is the prime Soylent victim: someone overwhelmed by the process of finding food. “What if you never had to worry about food again?” the company’s website asks, as if food were as difficult to come by as money or health, which it is for some people, but not really for Soylent’s target demographic of r/technology.

Their demographic is large enough, however, that Soylent is on backorder. The company told me my Soylent would take 10 to 12 weeks to arrive. It took 20. If I had been dependent on Soylent as my primary food source, I would have died waiting for it.

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Emulating vinyl’s constraints

What if you had a streaming music player that would only play music with the same constraints as albums?

Whole sides only. No less than 5 songs in a row. No picking a song.

When you press play on a new side, there’s a pause while the needle arm moves over and drops down.

You can queue up a series of sides, like a stack of records, but you can’t automatically turn over a side when it’s over.

You must pay attention throughout. Backgrounding the app turns off the music. This is a foreground experience.

No FF or REW. No skipping within tracks.

At the end of the side, you must manually end the music. From the end of the last song until the listener turns off the music, the player makes that scratchy locked groove sound from the end of an LP.

Connecting blogroll to feed reader?

Anybody know a simple way to auto-add to my blogroll when I add a feed in my reader? Right now I’m using Stringer for consuming RSS.

I’ve found a bunch of plugins that do related things but none of them address this particular use case.


This isn’t the only use case for connecting my feed reader to my blog writer. I’d also like to be able to reblog a post right from the reader, with automatic pingback or webmention.


Hacking Sonos — Medium

I didn’t like having to turn my speakers off when I left my apartment. I had already figured out how to turn all my lights off with IFTTT so why not make this work with Sonos. Using a Raspberry Pi and a Sonos command-line interface I hooked up a very basic home REST API where I could detect my phone leaving a location using a geofence.

Raspberry Pi model B plugged into an Airport router via Eithernet. This puppy is always on and has a port mapped to the outside world for external access.

Now when I leave it makes a request to my home and the music turns off.

Hacking Sonos — Medium.