I’ll be releasing a new album in the coming months, and have decided, in theory, that I should make it available on all of these music sites. So, I’ve looked at so many of them, it’s ridiculous (plus, there have to be as many more that I haven’t even seen).

From my research so far, I think we’re seeing the record store-ization of music sites, e.g., everyone wants to buy music online now, and lots of people are opening their own stores because they think they can serve some need. And (via social networks), these stores are actually finding people to shop there.

So, I think it’s like 20-30 years ago when a new record store would open in your neighborhood, and you’d start shopping there because they either had some good deal, or they were closer than the other store down the road, or your friends worked there.

I still see actualy physical record stores that I can’t believe are in business: is it low rent + regular customers? I wonder if these online music stores might have similar runs: say, 5+ years of selling music online, *not* being any kind of next big thing, but paying the bills and keeping the doors open?