gurdonark, my impression is that the main context for your music is in relatively fluid online forums like CC Mixter and NSI. Is that right?

If so, you are a truly next-generation player. You don’t play live, making CDs is pretty much an afterthought, and radio is just not on your mind. At the same time you have a healthy listenership and do a steady stream of fresh music.

This is exactly what I’m thinking of as far as next-generation contexts. Your notes aren’t played in real time, but you are surely performing, and the chronological flow of your new work is in real time.

Similar musical projects — Calendar Girl; Kristen Hersh’s regular blogged releases.

That part of the overall change is pretty firmly established at this point. The part that isn’t clear is how meatspace performances will be affected. For example, maybe playing in schools and retirement communities will be a higher visibility gig.