“What aspects of live music rely on aspects of the recording industry that are going away?”

The notion that an act will tour to promote a record. The industry is shifting focus from the recording side to big shed concert promotion. The industry will hedge their bets, as they always do, and spend promotional budgets on perceived, sure thing, established acts. It seems to be a one way street as the sure things will go by the wayside due to attrition.
How does the next sure thing evolve?

“What new kinds of live music does the internet enable?”

I have played some house concerts and the idea is evolving. I have had some great experiences and some disasters. The disasters have all been tied to situations where the promoters were disorganized or, the space was not conducive to music performance. There are some well known and very well done house concert series’ that I am familiar with. These people have been inundated with artist submissions. So, it seems that there is a supply/demand issue.

Lucas, when I saw your original post yesterday, I thought about a show that I played about 20 years ago. This was a deal where a small town had a summer concert series at a band shell in the city park. Each week a local business would sponsor a show. It was up to the business to chose and pay the performers. So, it was a combined effort between the town and local business. Good venue and a diverse set of acts, ranging from the Marine Concert Band, local college choir to the rock band I was in. I don’t know why there isn’t more of this type of thing.

I would not have ever been exposed to Lucas’, gurdonark’s or Jay’s music, if not for the internet. Just these three examples demonstrate the creativity and diversity that are available.

I am not as tech savvy as any of you. I’m probably last-gen. I am not familiar with CC Mixter, NSI or meatspaces. The concept of a niche audience is great. How does that apply to live performance? You would have to have a good number of niche fans in any given area to make it a practical idea to put on a show.

So, given that I don’t have the tech chops, I wonder why it wouldn’t be possible to develop some type of a live, hi fidelity webcast, in which niche fans could participate in some interactive ways. Live video from a suitable room with the performer getting real time audience feedback in the form of applause, conversation or even disapproval. Maybe this has been done.