I’m glad you enjoyed the gig Lucas. I find your remark about intensity interesting. Backing off the intensity seems to be a refuge that performers often seek, sometimes subconsciously.

As far as the niche audience idea goes; this has been the big promise of the digital revolution. Diversity of quality content and the ability to reach every possible member of a certain niche.

As musicians, our widget (recorded music) has become impractical. So, if we can figure out how to turn this niche audience into gigs, well..that’s always been the best widget anyway.

I’m not a proponent of MySpace because it’s somebody else’s real estate (Rupert Murdoch) and they control the best part of the potential revenue streams.

One thing I would like to see more of is, artists that develop/market through their own web real estate and, along with that, actual sponsors on these web pages as opposed to the hit and miss type of advertising currently available. Said sponsors could theoretically be involved in live show promotion.