I’m wondering if we’re close to being able to do something about this. I think the music industry is finally, ever-so-slowly, shifting course on these things and the iTunes juggernaut makes them really wary of all-of-their-eggs-in-any-one-basket kind of a solution.

Couldn’t we just solve this ourselves? Get Pandora, MyStrands, Lucas, Chris, Greg, etc … come up with something and knock it out?

I still think the wikipedia-ish solution is the best … make the data available via a creative commons license for commercial/non-commercial use, allow artists and users to update/add/tweak the entries as needed. You don’t start with everything, you do the basics first and go from there.

From a sustainability perspective, I think you run it as a non-profit supported by donations, sponsorships and members. I can think of a bunch of companies that would love to have a set of catalog data they could sync to their own catalogs or better yet, just use outright.

You wouldn’t be trying to create social content here. You’d be building a catalog that could be the basis for better/more experiences.

I still feel like we’re cavemen banging two rocks together with respect to this stuff when there are lighters and matches laying all over the place.

I’m in if anybody else is game.