lucas: I think you’d just have to start doing it and see. When I think about doing it though, I can think of these reasons not to:

a) I don’t know if visitors to my blog really care about whatever music I’m into at the moment. My sense is my subscribers either want news about what I’m up to, particularly interesting music/art stuff or recording/music business posts.

b) I’m not an authority on what’s going on musically online. The musician blogs I read are mostly friends. I don’t spend much time exploring music online.

c) I don’t consider myself to have particularly unique or interesting taste. I’d just be all “HEY CHECK OUT THIS SONG THAT WAS POPULAR MONTHS AGO” or “HOPE YOU LIKE SHITTY DANCE MUSIC BECAUSE I SURE DO”, etc.

d) Most of the music that I’m really into doesn’t have blogs attached, or at least I have no idea where they are. I’m not very compelled to care about musician blogs unless I have a personal connection with them.

Lately I’ve been thinking about doing a weekly 30 minute mix of my favorite tracks but it’d be a bunch of work and time for probably very little benefit to me or really anyone else.