A counter argument, that is basically just a little more than what Fabricio already said:

With my music (all CC-licensed) I want people to freely take advantage of whatever “distribution mechanisms” they like for sharing music–now and in the future. So, if someone uses a filesharing network, or is in a hardrive swap club, or burns CDs for friends–any or all of which might be outside of my own distribution channels (e.g., my website), that’s great by me. I want that / I encourage that / I permit that. And, into the future too–maybe someday a new mechanism will come along, and I won’t know how to use it, but a fan will.

This is relevant to the Radiohead “On Rainbows” case–fans used the mechanisms that worked for them, beyond the mechanisms that Radiohead offered. Fans filled a void that (many of us, at least, would argue) needed to be filled.

Economically, this is part of the “sharing economy” in the sense that the burden of effort to distribute a work is itself shared from the artist to their fans and even casual listeners. For example, I actually don’t have time to get my all of my recordings seeded on a bunch of peer to peer filesharing networks, so I’m really happy when a fan does it for me!