>> Eric, when you do choose to cash out, how do you
>> pick the method? What do you have in mind for
>> earning money?
sheesh. that’s why I subscribe to this blog.

Regarding making money.
(1) Direct distribution sales. physical products, digital mp3/flac/ogg
(2) Broadcast royalties
(3) Content licensing

I think these are the ways to make money DIRECTLY from the creation of your music. Sounds quite traditional doesn’t it. and they all work today.

These might be new.

(4) Artist Subscription
– receive all output carte blanche for a fixed incremental fee
(5) Artist commissioning
– fund the creation of work
(6) sponsored streams/downloads
– an artist receives sponsorship to make a work available for free or bundling
(7) Loyalty/Affiliate revenue
– a consumer can subscribe to a loyalty plan, and in turn receive free music. artist receives broadcasting revenue, affiliate revenue or sponsorship.